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Glass magnesium duct overview

Source :本站 Author:admin Date:2013-9-6 15:15:41 Browse the number:1314

      glass magnesium duct is an alternative to inorganic glass wind pipe and a new generation of environmentally friendly energy-saving air glass fiber wind pipe.

      product structure of three layers, namely the two high strength inorganic material and the middle layer of insulating material. Glass magnesium composite wind pipe plate surface smooth, flat, only 5% for the general air duct air leakage rate, greatly improving the efficiency of air transportation. In the production, manufacture, installation, use this product process, glass magnesium composite wind pipe shall not produce harmful substances to the environment, does not rust, not moldy, no dust, no dust and fiber glass fiber duct; no peculiar smell, low thermal conductivity, thermal insulation performance is excellent, with sound insulation, sound-absorbing performance is good no iron, the contraction and expansion pipe noise; nonflammable, flexural, compressive, low water absorption rate, low temperature expansion, no moisture absorption and deformation phenomenon, the service life of 20 years.

      glass magnesium duct as a popular type of products not only meet the market demand for traditional products, at the same time, by improving the energy saving, fire and environmental parameters of inorganic composite material, the properties of the composite wind pipe inorganic upgrade. At present, the product has passed the "type of national quality supervision and examination center of fire proof building material test", "national building materials testing center testing", won the "building materials combustion performance grade (grade GB8624A) logo".

      glass magnesium duct can be used in air conditioning and ventilation of all kinds of heating tube, smoke exhaust air duct. With the traditional inorganic composite wind pipe, glass magnesium composite wind pipe has a significant price advantage, the market prospect is broad.
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